ATM Parts & Services

DC Payments specializes in ATM repair and refurbishment

DC Payments leads the industry in ATM repair and refurbishment by employing in-house technicians who specialize in all aspects of service and maintenance – from parts engineering to ATM upgrades and software development.


  • Parts supply – Triton and non-Triton parts sourced and supplied
  • Parts repair – Triton and non-Triton parts and repairs
  • Parts improvement – redesign or original manufacture of parts to improve performance and reliability
  • ATM refurbishment – Triton and non-Triton ATM refurbishments to original specification
  • ATM upgrade – Triton ATM upgrades to different specifications
  • ATM conversion – conversion of non-Triton ATMs to Triton specifications
  • ATM pods – Manufacture of ATM secure pods for external installations
  • Triton technical support
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