Access cash on the go

Having easy access to cash is important for travellers on the go. In the travel sector, ATMs are particularly suited to high traffic areas such as bus terminals, ferry terminals & ports, airports, rail stations, motorway service stations, and taxi ranks.


  • ATM terminals
    Our ATMs are suitable for installation in all travel locations. We offer a wide selection of models including Free Standing and Through-the-Wall.
  • Free or Pay to Use options - additional revenue stream
    In transit locations, the primary reason for installing a Cash Machine is to generate income from transactions and provide a much needed customer service. You can choose either a Pay to Use ATM to generate addtional revenue or Free to Use to deliver customer service to all, whilst still delivering an income to yourself.
  • Fully Managed solutions
    Cash machines in transit locations will often have very high levels of usage and need topping up with cash at regular intervals. We provide a Fully Managed solution to keep your ATM loaded around the clock. This frees management and staff members to do what they do best - focus on the primary business.