Cash machines and gaming

Gaming is a popular leisure activity for millions of people in the UK. From bingo halls, to casino complexes, high street betting shops, and amusement arcades - it is a business with a high dependency on cash. An on site ATM provides your customer with easy instant access to their funds at all times.


  • Strong presence in the gaming industry
    DC Payments has a strong presence in the gaming sector, supplying cash machines to operators ranging from single-site ventures to major gaming brands with national estates. This broad base of experience means we have a thorough understanding of gaming regulations and ATM compliance.
  • Branding
    On-screen display areas allow you to display promotional messages, information, and display advertisements. You can even choose to have ATM terminals completely ‘wrapped’ and 'dressed' to reflect your brand.
  • High speed cash machines
    Our high speed cash machines process transactions from card in to cash out, as fast as ATM units at high street banks. When making withdrawals, users can choose a ‘fast cash’ option allowing them to select the denomination in which their cash is dispensed. This is an ideal feature for the gaming sector. Fast cash values can be configured to suit individual locations - set to higher or lower denominations - depending on the level of usage in the gaming area.
  • UK and International cards
    ATMs can accept all mainstream UK and international cards - including more than 50 cards under the China UnionPay agreement meeting the needs of the Asian market in the UK.

Trusted provider

Clients in the gaming sector come to us because we have a level of expertise that is unparalleled in the marketplace. From our state of the art ATM terminals, to our customised solutions, 24/7 service and support, and the best possible "up" times in the industry - our range of services is second to none.

Services at a glance

ATM terminals

Our ATMs are suitable for installation in all sites and locations. We offer a wide selection of models including Free Standing and Through-the-Wall.

Pay to Use or Free to Use

You can select to have your ATM generate revenue by charging for every transaction, or be free to use.

Customised solutions

Friendly and knowledgable staff will help you determine which ATM solution best meets your specific needs. Options include:

  • Self-Fill
    You load the cash machine.
  • Fully Managed
    We load the cash machine and take care of day-to-day maintenance.