Keeping cash flowing at public events

At large scale public events, an ATM ensures the public always has easy access to their cash. Easy access to cash helps increase customer spend, and keeps cash flowing at the amenities within the event. ATMs are particularly suited to sporting events, music concerts, cultural festivals, air shows, carnivals, county shows, and more.


  • ATM terminals
    Our ATMs are suitable for installation in all event sites and locations. We offer a wide selection of models including Free Standing and Through-the-Wall.
  • Pay to Use - additional revenue stream
    Pay to Use ATMs provide an additional revenue stream for event organisers. Additionally, surcharges may be set at an higher level.
  • Fully managed solutions
    A high volume of transactions - common at events - requires continuous monitoring of ATM cash levels. Our Fully Managed solutions allow organisers to concentrate on their core business, while we ensure units are fully loaded at all times.
  • Mobile ATM solutions
    Siting and managing cash machines ‘in the field' requires overcoming security and logistical issues specific to these environments. For this reason, we deliver our services in partnership with a company specialising in mobile ATM solutions.
  • Branding
    On-screen display areas allow you to display promotional messages, information, and display ads. You can even choose to have ATM terminals completely ‘wrapped’ to reflect event branding.