Store! & SuperStore’s Case Study

Hands-free ATMs leave staff free to grow business

The service we get from DC Payments has always been very professional and they work as part of my team. Our local representative is helpful and efficient, the engineers are prompt and we get good POS to help promote the ATMs. Since we went free-to-use, we have enjoyed increased footfall and spend as well as improved customer loyalty.

Mital Morar
Owner, Store! & SuperStore Convenience Stores

Woman standing in grocery store


Owner, Mital Morar is keen to meet all the essential needs of his customers so naturally, each store features a cash machine supplied by DC Payments. When the units were originally installed, Mital opted for pay-to-use machines and a self-fill arrangement - which meant that he took on the responsibility of ensuring the ATMs were always fully stocked with cash. As customer expectations changed over time in the retail sector, and availability of non-surcharging ATMs spread, Mital eventually switched his machines to free to use ATMs, resulting in a rise in footfall and sales revenue. As the stores became busier, Mital found the responsibility for filling the machines stretched staff resources - and on some occasions - ATMs were depleted of cash.

The Solution

We were able to offer Mital a completely hands-free, fully managed solution for the ATMs in each of his stores. Constantly monitoring cash levels in each of his ATMs, DC Payments replenishes Cash and consumables regularly, so that customers always have convenient access to their cash. The solution means that Mital's busy staff are free to focus on their core business, managing the stores and dealing with customers.


All three of Mital's stores continue to go from strength to strength and the free to use ATMs are an integral part of the business. Opting for the fully managed solution means that Mital can direct the energy and enthusiasm of his staff to where it should be focused - on his customers. The benefits that a free to use ATM has brought in terms of footfall and revenue, combined with freeing up valuable staff time, have helped him realise rapid growth.