The Spirit Pub Company’s Case Study

Working Together in the Spirit of Partnership

“Our relationship with DC Payments is based on a genuine partnership. The whole team is professional, passionate and proactive, with an in-depth understanding of our business as well as their own. They are not afraid to challenge us and are brutally honest where they can see we are missing opportunities.”

Catherine Lund, Head of Purchasing, Spirit Pub Company


Spirit’s demerger from Punch Taverns in August 2011, presented the business with the opportunity to review contracts. Companies were invited to tender for the management and maintenance of some 450 self-fill ATMs located across Spirit’s estate of managed pubs.

Prior to the demerger, the ATM estate was not proactively managed and with attention focused on other areas of the business, commercial opportunities were not always fully realised.

Spirit were keen to appoint a company that could work with them strategically and help them harness the full potential of ATMs. With the concept of partnership firmly at the centre of the new business, it was important for Spirit to find a partner, not just a supplier.

The solution

Following the tender process, Spirit has engaged DC Payments for a 5 year contract. It’s a duration that allows us to look ahead and work on longer term opportunities. Our initial focus will be on the 450 ATMs in managed pubs – in particular, those locations where machines have not performed well historically, or where new management is in place, and may not be fully aware of the commercial benefits a cash machine can bring.

In parallel with this, DC Payments is helping Spirit to clarify its ATM strategy, reviewing all areas of the business, exploring how cash machines can add value to the guest experience as well as creating a competitive edge.


The relationship is still in its early stages, but our involvement has already impacted significantly on how Spirit integrates cash machines into its business model. As their ATM partner, we are focused on ensuring Spirit takes full advantage of the range of solutions cash machines can deliver; deploying them to give guests the best experience, while bringing Spirit the best return on their investment.